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Behind-The-Scenes: Working on Quiritibus – Patrons Only Stream

‘Septem nummi’ PDF Preview (With Macrons)

This is the "beta version", if you like, of Septem nummi, the translated short story. It includes a foreword, a short addendum about spelling, and the full story with macrons.The full version will contain some notes at the end. Or so it's planned. Nevertheless I'm...

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Septem nummi – An Intermediate Latin Story

I knew I forgot something! I did a reading on YouTube for the short story published recently here on Patreon. It has subtitles with macrons. Enjoy!Welcome to the last video of 2022. We often think long and hard about what to gift our loved ones and whether they'd like...

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The Official Quiritibus

Oops, I realised I never actually made a Patreon post about the Quiritibus launch. Apologies for that! We made it, the magazine is alive and well, if a bit slow content-wise.Be sure to check it out and give feedback! There is definitely room for improvement and I'm...

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András Alkor

András Alkor

My name is András Alkor, I’m a Hungarian author, an English teacher, and a Latin enthusiast. You stumbled upon my personal site, which is a mess right now, nevertheless you will find some interesting suff, including links to all the platforms I’m active on, and my email list.

Introducing the ΒΑΤΡΑΧΟΜΥΟΜΑΧΙΑ in collaboration w/ @davidfdriscoll ! A new intermediate reader for this quick and funny Homeric poem with facing vocabulary and notes (and illustrations!). Get it as a free PDF or paperback @ the link. Please share!


Quanta opera est 'Quiritibus' componere et sustinere! Enumerabo aliquas huius operae particulas nuper confectas:

- Scida quae uidebatur lateralis, uulgo sidebar, demota est, ut tota pagina in medio esset clarior et facilius lectu.


Nonnulla mutauimus in opusculorum discreptionibus quae Alcor noster hic explanauit: https://quiritibus.com/2023/01/16/qualibus-litteris-utimur/