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Last year, there was a very short-lived series called Weekly Latin, shared both on my website and on Patreon. It was supposed to be a narration of my Latin journey.

I was asked by other Latinists because they were interested in my learning process.

As we were nearing Christmas, I got into a rougher spot in my private life, but also the Christmas preparations took away most of my time. I thought long about whether I wanted to resume the series, and I’ve arrived at a conclusion.

The focus of what I’m sharing both here and on other platforms has shifted. Instead of semi-educational, semi-entertaining videos, articles, etc. I’m moving into the direction of full entertainment, in Latin.

You’re already seeing the beginning of this shift. My email list went public, where I send you entertaining stories, both real and fictive, in Latin. If you’re not yet subscribed, you can do so here.

If you’re active in the Latin Discord communities (you can join my own server here), you see more of what I’m doing, but to narrate in a nutshell, a lot of background preparations are underway. At the time of this post, I’m more than halfway done, and new content is soon to be expected.

I have two Latin dubs released so far, as well as a Latin vlog, from before Christmas. Making those Latin dubs was so much fun, and feedback was a lot better than with my LLPSI readings (which, admittedly, weren’t any good), or my kind of obscure Neverwinter Nights video. 

My Roman ruins adventure hasn’t received much feedback at all. I have another video of the same kind, this time in Intercisa, which was a Roman fort on the border of Pannonia, and I have it in mind to give it another go, but if it doesn’t get picked up, I’m going to drop it altogether.

Back to the dubs and the vlog, those were good steps towards more accessible Latin entertainment, and that is the direction I’m going to move towards. 

The vlogs are conversational, unscripted, honest, and build good rapport with my audience. (Yes, that’s a light push to go and comment under my vlog if you have any thoughts.)

The dubs were fun to make, and they’re scenes people can watch in their own language, and are instantly relatable.

We’re going to have some more vlogs, but I also have two video series in mind. At this point, I can’t divulge too much, but I’m releasing two GIFs about one of them.

To conclude, Weekly Latin won’t continue, but E-pistulae will (I know, worst pun) here on Patreon, and the focus will shift towards YouTube and entertainment. Side note: Patrons have and will have access to the entire catalogue of my emails.

Feel free to reach out with any suggestions, wishes. Until next time. Vale.