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Good news, all the character sheets are done along with a database of all skills, traits, and lifepaths used in the demo campaign of Burning Wheel I am preparing right now. That is 43 skills, 33 traits, and 12 lifepaths, and all their attributes, costs, root stats, everything you might imagine. Huh. Bad news, there is still some work with other documents, such as preparing the Game Master’s little handbook for running the demo campaign, and all the cheat sheets for the players so they don’t get lost in the game.

Why the database, you might ask? I’m planning on creating a little webapp for myself that would allow me to modify the different lists that are found in the game. It’s a lot of data, and looking at an Excel table is extremely tedious when it comes to Burning Wheel, I find. Not to mention, if I work well, the data that will exist in this database will be usable in different avenues, e.g. an online Latin character creator for Burning Wheel. (If you’re interested in an English one, check out!)

So why is the work going so slowly? Good that you asked. The first half of July was all about preparing for the journey to Rome, and there I was, from the 15th till the 19th of this month, speaking Latin with others and visiting the sights.

You might have seen the very basic YouTube Shorts I had created, but a bigger video narrating the entire story is on the way. I suspect it’ll be the longest video yet, and probably the longest for a while. Because of how many experiences I have, I cannot give a strict ETA, but it will be out by the end of next week, unless technology gives up on me again.

Anyway, attached are the four characters of the demo campaign as they exist now. Revisions will come gradually, so expect the final versions to look a little bit different. However, I am pretty satisfied with what we have so far, even if they are, of course, based on the original character sheets.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, or winter for those of you living upside down. I will have one more bigger journey in August, this time in Hungary, which will probably take away from the time I spend doing stuff for you, but afterwards we’re full throttle with Latin.

Curate diligenter ut bene valeatis!