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Salue! You might be wondering why there weren’t any posts in April. First, I would like to thank all your patience, and would ask for a little more. Read on to find out about everything that’s been going on in the background and what you should expect in May and in the following months.

April has probably been the busiest all year, with two trips, one inside Hungary, one in Italy. Beyond that, between the two trips, my laptop decided to give up on me again. I was working on some Latin content when it suddenly decided to turn off in the middle of the process, and then it didn’t turn on again. (I swear this laptop will be the end of me.)

The reason why you can read this post now is because one of my Patrons (shoutout to Calyanara) offered me a substitute laptop until mine gets fixed. There are a lot of projects coming to fruition in the near future and I’m very excited for all of them, but I need my laptop to work.

So, what’s been going on in April, and what am I on about? I could fit in one livestream on the first of April (one I promptly forgot to post here). Another one was scheduled for in-between the two trips, but it had to be postponed due to, well, my laptop’s untimely demise. 

Other than that, work has been done for a new, interesting vlog, that would encompass a subject entirely non-classical. The long term plan would be, of course, to involve people to talk about things in Latin that or not about Latin. But, that is also on my laptop, for now.

On the other hand, Quiritibus is almost finished, and while I cannot 100% promise it’s out in May, a release date will soon be revealed. For now, for those of you who can’t open the post in the link, Quiritibus will be an online Latin magazine designed for Latin writers, be it fiction, poetry, more scholarly articles, or just “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Planting Olive Trees”, to come together and share what they have to say. We’re in the last stages of development and then we can open the gates of Latin content heaven (or hell).

I would also like to begin “beta-testing” a form of tabletop role-playing in Latin. More on this in a separate post (you will get a notification).

All in all, although April has been mostly quiet on the “front-end” (what you see), it has been very busy otherwise, and I would like to invite my Patrons to participate in a few upcoming projects. They will get their separate articles in the following days; you can also reach me on my Discord server, where I will ask for your advice and feedback in real time. 

Thank you for your continued support and looking forward to some interaction!