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Lux Aeterna – excerpt

An excerpt from a project I’m working on. Lux Aeterna is about a man who finds himself lost in a dark and unfamiliar house.

“I’m reaching out to touch the different objects in the room. I don’t find anything at first, but then I bump into a table with my hips, so I go around it with my hands looking for the edges, until I’m in empty space again. At the other end of the room hang the curtains, a pale light wading through the fabric.”


You’re not back yet. The dream still grips your mind like a drug, its winds blow over your body. Behind closed eyes the world is colourful. It’s as if at the bottom of an ocean an oyster showed a pearl so shining, its light reaches to the surface and up into the sky, making the clouds dance an act of a play. And it’s but one small weft thread woven into the tapestry. You see the whole picture with all its moving parts, inescapable, its features and moods your prison and liberty. Still, it doesn’t last long and you quickly jump into one such moving part, shrinking and falling into something mysterious.